Blackberry for emails is good. How about blackberry for viewing real time data? How easy would it be if your back end system either the ERP or CRM is synchronized with your blackberry.

Would it not be better if you have instant access to real time data?

Synchronization mechanism is a challenging process. Some of the business challenges could be:

  • One would need to schedule automatic synchronization between the back end server and the front end everytime something changes.
  • No data loss
  • Reliability in setup, connectivity and synchronization between back end tables and Microsoft Exchange

Our mobile team designed the solution for the synchronization. To give a macro level view of the solution: For each ERP / CRM entity, temporary transaction records would be created. The records would be simple Update / Delete derivatives. The solution was designed using Visual Studio .NET 2005, Microsoft Exchange 2003 Server and SQL Serve 2003.

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