We all see demos & videos for various softwares. These are essentially e-learning contents for the respective softwares. Having e-Learning content essentially improvises on self service so that Customer Service can focus more on the technical support.

But how are these being developed? There are many ways of content preparation. I am just giving an overview of one of the methods.

Audio recording and video development are done separately. Both are then mixed together by using the necessary software’s. At CI, we have ‘Any Time Learning’ team which mixes audio and video. The audio needs to be matched with the appropriate screen shots / demos / mouse clicks etc in the video.   While this might be easy to say, the team does a wonderful job of mixing audio (in foreign languages) with the video. The team does not know any foreign language which makes the mixing even more difficult. But the team showed its potential when it mixed foreign language audio with the video without making a single mistake.  Not only were we impressed but the client was also pretty impressed.

Anybody preparing e-learning content? Need help?