Some of the teams at CI have started following Scrum Methodology. The teams find it easy to adapt to changing requirements while at the same time making a significant progress in the development of the product.With the current scenario of development, I think this makes sense.

In our case the client holds the Product Backlog and the Product Owner prioritizes the sprint backlog. The number of scrum teams are decided by the Product Owner. The Scrum Master manages our offshore teams and is the one point contact with the client, which we feel reduces mis-communication.

At the beginning of each sprint, there is a Sprint kickoff meeting where the roles & responsibilities of the entire team is decided. The daily scrum is conducted during the entire course of the sprint. At the end of the sprint, a sprint retrospective meeting is conducted. This meeting outlines what went well during the sprint and what needs to be improved.

The teams have been successfully following this and we find this approach much better than the traditional approach.