A few days back I had written a post on Synchronizing ERP / CRM with Blackberry. Recently I was having a discussion with Sarathy who heads the Mobile Solutions department about some of the challenges that he had addressed in some of the synchronization projects. Since the use of mobile solutions has constantly been increasing, I felt it would be alright if I do a repost on synchronization.

Some of the synchronization challenges that the team has addressed:

  • Synchronization without data loss like overwriting with the latest change on same record from both sides
  • Scheduling automatic synchronization with the server every time an item arrives or when modified in the server
  • Keeping the user updated about the synchronization status
  • Reliability in setup, connectivity and synchronization with the server
  • Ability to store data in the handheld device to reduce the dependency on cellular network coverage for the information.
  • Manage synchronization privileges for multiple users
  • Centrally monitor and change synchronization settings and add unlimited number of users.
  • Customize users synchronization settings to determine which item is synchronized.