I have always been writing about the technical teams. In any organization the Sales and Marketing team play a very important role.

Recently myself and my colleague attended Neil Rackham’s Program held in Mumbai, India. In the session Neil asked us a question “Why would the customer write us a cheque for a sales call that you are about to make?” We started analyzing our past successful sales calls and found out one common point. All the sales call were more focused toward creating value for the customers and not just communicating value.

Creating Value for Customer

Generally in the successful Sales Calls, the focus was more on finding out the problem / pain points of the customer and designing a solution before even going to the next stage. This had enabled the customer to understand us better and he knew that we were focused towards solving his problem and we were not just ‘talking brochures’ as Neil puts it.

This strategy also poses a risk of the customer knowing the answer and then going towards a cheaper vendor, but it is a risk that we take.

Well as they say, “Take Risk. If you win you will be happy. If you lose you will be wise.