5 Years!!! Its been 5 years since we started having an exclusive POS Solutions team. Initially we were relying on our technical capability to enter into the POS domain. But time has flown, things have changed and now while we do say we have technical expertise, our focus has now changed into POS domain expertise.

We still work with the first client that we got for POS team. In fact the same team members are also there. Over the years the team has worked on so many features that when I asked them to tell me about some of the features, they had so much to tell. The following is a snapshot of some of the features developed by the team:

  • Automatic Customer Id Assignment
  • Barcode Scan Support
  • Cash Receipts and Invoice Register
  • Currency Calculator / Selector
  • Gift Card
  • Integration with Accounting Products
  • Multi Site Polling
  • Price Check Lookup
  • Real Time Credit / Debit Authorization
  • Rental Inventory Management
  • Touch Screen Support

Developing all these features, years of working in POS team has not certainly not made as POS Guru’s but atleast it has made us speak the same language as POS Solutions Team Client…