Yes I am talking about Visual FoxPro. All of you might be knowing that Microsoft is retiring the mainstream support for Visual FoxPro

At CI, we were doing SWOT Analysis and we realized that VFP Expertise was one of our major strengths. We have a dedicated team of VFP Developers who have been with us for the past 8 years.

  • Adjustable Billing
  • AR Sales Analysis
  • Automate Creation of COM Server
  • Conversion from SQL
  • Credit Card Enhancement
  • Data Driller Invocation
  • Data Synchronization
  • Delivery Ticket System
  • Document Maintenance System
  • Hot keys and Member Card Enhancement
  • Integration with Accounting Products
  • Multi Currency Support
  • Multi Site Polling
  • Project Accounting Customization
  • Real Time Credit / Debit Authorization
  • Real Time Inventory Management and Control
  • Rental Inventory Management
  • Sales Performance Viewer
  • Sales Order Automation Wizard
  • Special Pricing Implementation
  • SugarCRM Integration
  • Touch Screen Support

What I have given here is just a snapshot of some of the projects handled by the team. Hoping to address more VFP Challenges in the future….