I am Prabkar and I head the POS Development Team at CI. Over the next couple of weeks you would find me writing a couple of posts on the POS domain, now that I have worked on product development in this domain for the past 4 years. 

Point of Sales Software is widely used across all the retail shops worldwide. The focus is to develop a user friendly application with a fast turnaround time. POS applications have a wide market compared to any specialized application due to the vast market for retail industry.

 A typical POS system consists of a

  • Cash Register
  • Weighing Machine
  • Pole Display
  • Barcode Reader
  • Touch Screen
  • POS application with an optional Credit Card reader

 POS applications need to be robust as they determine the best price, multiple discount, flexi/Promo pricing, Customer Group/Item Class pricing and Kit sale. Functionalities such as hotkeys for quick selling, interface with accounting packages, Gift cards, Currency calculator, selector, Inventory maintenance with multi user, multi level support would be a value add.

 With the current technology trend these applications take the advantage of the trend by aiding the user in upgrading to sophisticated systems like Web POS and Wireless Order Capture