A few days back, we decided to re-design our corporate content to give a fresh look. I had a basic design in mind but I wanted some additional inputs from design / printing experts. I posted my question in LinkedIn and within a period of 24 hours I had got answers from over 11 experts which would not have been normally possible.

LinkedIn is a great business tool. Here are some of the features that I have found useful:

  • I regularly use LinkedIn’s advanced search feature to gather information and many of my question’s have been answered this way. From a business development perspective I get a chance to do my homework on business prospects.
  • Ability to add Blog Post to your Profile Page. I regularly get hits for this blog from LinkedIn
  • Ability to expand your network through your friends
  • Ability to connect with people with whom you would have worked previously or gone to school with etc.
  • Ability to keep track of your connections with the help of their status updates and profile updates
  • Ability to find related groups and share knowledge

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~ Ramya