Is your POS application rewarding Loyal Customers?

Is it not fair to reward loyal customers?

Does your POS application provide a facility to track the sales and honor reward points accordingly?

Reward points are quite common in many industries like Credit Card Sales etc. to enable the customer to make more payments via credit card. Similarly for retail stores, it makes customers loyal to the store. It is a value addition for the customer and this will act as word-of-mouth marketing for the store.

It not only make the customer attached to the store but also make him delight about the value addition he is getting and will create mouth publicity which is more faster and creates a better brand image than any marketing tool.

A POS application should have facility to track customer behavior i.e. search for items that the customer is purchasing most and reward same or similar items instead of a common reward.

I say ‘One Size Does Not Fit All’. So let us together develop a system that fits the customer needs