Why am I writing about SKY Meditation in this Product Engineering Blog? When I first started writing this post, I was focusing only on SKY Meditation. But as I started reading more about it, I was able to relate it with Agile methodology.

Ramani Ramachandra, MD, CI Global Technologies is a member of ‘The Rotary Club of Jersey City’. He spoke last week at the Rotary on the values of SKY (Simplified Kundalini Yoga) Meditation.

Ramani said that SKY Meditation is a form of meditation
that involves the interaction of one’s mind, body and soul.
The stress and hectic pace of modern-day life, he suggested,
causes one to forget the place of one’s soul in life. Nevertheless,
Ramani said, Yoga is now more popular in the United
States than in India – its place of origin.
He said that our priorities in life change as we accomplish
the milestones we set for ourselves. For example, he said,
after accumulating the money deemed necessary to lead a
comfortable life, one then seeks to achieve a milestone in
achieving personal health and after that, personal happi ness
and after that – peace of mind.


As I said before I was able to relate this to using Agile Methodology for Product Development. For example: Agile methodology involves the interaction of the product development team, customer service team and the customer. As the requirements keep changing we are still able to fix it with the next sprint and develop a product which results in a happy customer.

If you are able to relate your product development methodologies to something similar to what I have written then I would love to hear about them. Drop in a comment and lets get the discussion rolling.

~ Ramya