I recently attended a workshop on ‘How to develop Windows 7 compatible products’. I remembered the new features and how they could be used while developing products for 1-2 days. After a couple of days I was down to wondering which feature will help me add customer value. That’s when I came across the MSDN Blog post on Adding customer value using Windows 7 Features.

I am reproducing the relevant content over here. Original Post is here.

Scenario Windows 7 Features How it adds Customer Value
1 Desktop Application
  • Scenic Ribbon
  • Enhanced Taskbar
  • Gadgets Enhancement
Richer desktop application experience
2 Office Automation / Knowledge Management Application
  • Library
  • File Formats
  • Native Code Support for XPS Document
More convenient for managing Files and Data ; flexible way to compose Office document either via managed or unmanaged code
3 Web Application
  • Federated Search
  • IE8
After adding Windows 7 compatible Open Search API support to your searchable web application , desktop client can create a Search Connector for that web for one-stop search ; IE 8 provides real-world interoperability with other browsers and compatibility for existing sites, makes Web development faster and easier with built-in developer tools.
4 Tablet Application Provider
  • Enhanced Handwriting and Ink
Windows 7 improves the pen experience by providing greater accuracy and speed.
5 Devices Provider
  • Device Experience Platform
  • Windows Biometric Framework
Windows 7 provides device makers with prominent placement on the Windows desktop, with branding opportunities and a simple interface for presenting the functionality and services that the device supports.
6 Multi-Language Applications
  • Extended Linguistic Services
Windows 7 provides developers with a standard method to prepare their applications for the international market by delivering an improved multi-language user interface support and linguistic services that they can use in their applications
Note: Reproduced with permission from Bruce Kyle, ISV Architect Evangelist