Many software product companies have several product lines addressing different customer markets at the same time. In order to enable easier migration between different products, companies build migration utilities.

In a series of post, I am going to write about different points to be considered while building migration utility.

What can be Migrated?

Generally what can be migrated can be classified under the following categories:

  • Technology Migration (can include OS, language etc.)
  • Data Migration
  • UI Migration
  • Architecture Migration

Data migration tool is usually built for migration between product lines. This should enable end users to migrate and integrate data from different data sources into the target product. The tool should enable end user to perform data mapping and migrate both the master / transaction data. The data should first be assessed and migrated after performing the required validations.

I am going to mainly focus on data migration as it is most relevant to the tools that we build at CI. I had written earlier about the migration utility that CI has built earlier. Look out for more posts on data migration.

~ Ramya