In continuation with my previous post, this post is going to be about building the migration wizard. The wizard would consist of two parts: Data Mapping Tool and Data Migration Wizard. The focus is to build a user friendly tool which would support the two phases of the data migration activity.

Data Mapping Tool would cover the major data conversion requirements of master data and transactional data migration from source to target systems. The tool should be built with the help of functional experts in order to design the mapping. Once the business logic is defined and mapped, the tool completes the mapping activity and mapping files would be generated for different product versions.

Data Migration Wizard would be a user friendly approach to support the final phase of data migration activity. The mapping files generated from the Data Migration tool would be the inputs for the wizard. The wizard shall have exception handling and reporting capabilities. The wizard shall be given to the customer to perform the data migration activity.

Migration does not get completed once the wizard is handed over to the customer. Post migration support is crucial since ‘One size does not fit all’. Check back for post migration support details in the next post.

~ Ramya