If the leaked documents are to be believed then it looks like Microsoft is paying serious attention to Apple. As per the documents, the Apple touch has been setting in, in Windows 8. The ideas seem to have indicated broad ideas and not specifics.

From what can be read from the images displayed at Microsoft Kitchen, Microsoft seems to have divided its Windows 8 product cycle into 3 main phases namely: Planning, Development and Readiness, which is not different from what many ISV’s do. But what is interesting is the ‘Focus on creating great Dell + Windows Experiences’ in the Readiness phase.

The document outlines few key areas for Windows 8 namely:

  • Fast startup – Focus on improved boot time and on improving the time for resuming from sleep
  • Simplicity and ease of use
  • Make Windows more power efficient
  • Windows Store similar to Apple’s App-Store
  • Increased support for location based services
  • Facial recognition to authenticate users, with auto
  • Push button reset

As for form factors, Microsoft seems to have three main focus areas i.e. Slate, Laptop and All-in-One, which essentially means that Windows based Slate devices are likely to make an appearance at some point.

(Source: Microsoft Kitchen, cnet.com)