The World Cup came to an end the previous week after a month of fine football. I may not have watched as many games as I wanted to, but I certainly did learn a few things. By now most of us are familiar with Zakumi, Waka Waka, Jabulani and Vuvuzelas. I always think of a soccer game being similar to two companies fighting to get an order from a client. The best company / team wins.

  1. Speak your customer’s language – In US, soccer is known as football. Even though I grew up calling the game as football, in US I preferred to speak the local language and call it soccer.
  2. Experience plays a major role. After playing several games, players got used to the first round ball. The teams and their players went though an initial learning phase.
  3. Star performers help but Team Work prevails. Team work is a hallmark of winning teams. One of the greatest upsets of the World Cup was the French’s teams defeat. The French team failed mainly due to the infighting. Spain won mainly because of team work when compared to teams with star performers such as Rooney, Ronaldo etc.
  4. Early setbacks help. It is better to know the problems during the early stages itself. This would help in taking corrective action and setting the pace for rest of the games which in a way is agile.
  5. Prepare for the alternate. Many players missed their penalty kicks in this World Cup. It left me wondering if efforts were taken towards alternates.
  6. Make good use when opportunity knocks. Ghana lost the opportunity of entering into the semi final during the last minute in the game.
  7. Leadership is important. A leader identifies, builds the team and drives home the mission.
  8. Competition is never small. All battles should be taken seriously as overconfidence can let the entire team down.

This is just a summary of the lessons learned from the world cup. Every match irrespective of whether it is soccer or cricket or tennis or baseball etc. is a lesson by itself. Happy Analyzing 🙂

~ Ramya