With all the talks between Google and Verizon it has now become a necessity for the end users like us to understand Net Neutrality (NN). NN means the contents are delivered in an unbiased manner without filtering any content. We will get the same content irrespective of our geographic location. In countries like China, Middle East countries NN is defined by Government policies. So people located in China will be able to see the same content. But the NN plan between Google and Verizon is purely commercial.

For NN there are two main aspects, the content provider (Google) and internet provider (Verizon). This means that end users using other internet providers such as Comcast / Hughes etc. will see different content compared to the content seen using Verizon.

Google has always been known to support NN.  So after reading about the  Google – Verizon business deal articles it has only created a confusion as to whether Google has stopped supporting NN. But according to the article in PC World, Google and Verizon also support the principle of transparency, so you know what your Internet service provider is doing. Verizon now wants the right to maintain a private internet on which companies can pay for fast delivery of traffic.

My 2 cents: As an end user  I feel we do not know what NN less internet is like. (For Example: Google is pushing personalized search results. So you and I are not necessarily seeing the same results.) Without taking NN into consideration, most of the end users will choose the one which is most affordable as they do not have enough knowledge on choosing the ISP or content provider.

What do you think?