Are New Year Resolutions only for individuals? Can organizations have resolutions? Of course, they can but the stickiness and success on achieving or maintaining the resolution lies on not just one individual but on a team. The success for any resolution is in making change happen and making it stick a.k.a change management in terms of jargons.

Change is a people’s process and people resist adopting new practices and behaviors. Change management is an organizational process aimed at empowering employees to accept and embrace changes in their current business environment. Some of the factors that need to be considered while designing a change management program to ensure success are:

  • Analyze the impact the change will have on people – This will help the leadership team to direct their energy towards addressing the impact and on affected people
  • Building a case for change – People take things personally and are affected emotionally. So building an emotional case towards why the change is required and how their change will increase the success factor by several folds, will help in creating a connection with them.
  • Role models – The entire leadership team needs to be committed and act as role models towards embracing change.
  • Change management ambassadors – In addition to the leadership team, appoint several team members across the entire organization as ambassadors of change. Peer-to-peer interactions are more effective than pushing behavioral change from the top.
  • Continuous improvement – Change management is not successful as soon as everyone adopts the new practice, but only when after a certain period of time and without any external push, the new practices are maintained and people have adapted themselves to the change. For the long term, best practices should be introduced to capture the full benefit of change.

Change is imperative. Embracing change is key to speed of implementation and success. So go ahead list your resolutions, implement them and embrace change.