Selenium is one of the best open source functional automation testing tool for web based application testing, which leverages both the developer and tested to work seamlessly together while application development. Since Selenium supports programming languages like JAVA, C# etc.  development is very easy for developers to get rapid framework development.

At CI, we have created a Selenium based framework. It is a hybrid framework and helps  an automation tester to develop automated test cases (Test Scripts) for the application under test without worrying about Selenium’s inbuilt methods and functions since all Selenium’s functions have been wrapper-ed with our frameworks own functions. The deployment of the framework is easy as it involves few Jar file and Excel files (data sheets) in the machines where the application has to be tested. This eliminates the need for Selenium or IDE to be installed in the machine. For the framework, Selenium 2.0, TestNG, JXL technologies have been used.

Please check out the White Paper on Test Automation

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