Combining the power of cloud computing with the freedom and functionality of mobile devices can give enterprises access to wide range of benefits including reliability, real-time updates etc. A Juniper Research report predicted that by 2014, businesses and individual customers will collectively spend nearly $9.5 billion worldwide on cloud based mobile applications.

Cloud computing can make a significant difference for mobile users as their devices offer continually improving functionality. The partnership between powerful mobile devices and cloud platforms creates the sort of opportunity that stretches the mind for application developers, and introduces new opportunities for applications.

Mobile SalesPerson, CI’s flagship product is going to be offered through cloud computing. The move to the cloud will facilitate the need to scale as the number of transactions and the need for real time data across different departments. Previously the application was loaded on the mobile making the it a thick client. Now application has been shifted to the cloud thereby eliminating the need to depend on the memory and processing power of the mobile considerably.


Just like Mobile SalesPerson, the key to successful enterprise mobile apps means providing access from variety of devices. The best solution is to go the web app direction. HTML5 is going to support enterprise apps being developed for variety of mobile devices.

Reference: Making the most out of Cloud Enabled Enterprise Mobility

~ Ramya