Data driven decision making is the key to success for today’s businesses. The key lies in collecting the information i.e. KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that can be presented to business decision makers.  SharePoint dashboards provide integrated BI. SharePoint dashboards integrate data from disparate sources into scorecards, enhance scorecards with rich data visualizations and enable deep interactivity and workflow automation.

Steps to building the dashboard

  1. Install Performance-Point Dashboard Designer
  2. Install Dashboard Designer from the BI center site
  3. Select the data sources for contributing to the dashboard
  4. Build KPI’s by selecting the data points for measurement including the target points
  5. Build scorecards that display the different KPI’s
  6. Publish the scorecard to SharePoint dashboard

SharePoint dashboards also use the workflow functionality already built into SharePoint. For example: If a salesperson reviews his dashboard and finds he is likely to miss his quota he can submit a request to his manager for an adjustment. His manager can approve or reject the request before any change is reflected in the dashboard.

Reference: Delivering Intelligence with SharePoint Dashboards, Redmond magazine

~ Ramya