Microsoft WebMatrix consists of a basic IDE bundled with SQL Server compact database and lightweight web server (IIS). Development is in either PHP or C# or VB. The native view engine uses Razor syntax optimized for HTML development. Although the full ASP.NET stack is available, developers can choose web pages which offer simplified web development. WebMatrix is used to build websites. It streamlines website development and makes it easy to start websites from popular open source applications.

So how does WebMatrix fit into the development process parallel to Visual Studio? As a developer there are times when you want to check a particular code file independent of a project or solution or make some quick edits to files in a directory without creating/managing a project file. WebMatrix. Developers can work with StoredProcedures dynamically without generating a designed bit of code.

Razor is a light weight code footstep in HTML. Helpers help add common functionality to websites. Creating a .cshtml file in app_code creates new helper files. Layouts give developers the ability to create and manage larger sites look and feel without duplicated effort. Sections are reserved areas in a layout that can be set by the pages that contain them.