Nowadays I hardly find my friends spending their leisure time reading books. A few months back a team of about 10 of us got together to write a proposal. At the end of the proposal each one of us were given a book to read and then share it with others. The book that I got was ‘Reaching your Potential’ by Norman Vincent Peale. I started reading this book only a couple of days back and I was hooked on to it. The book talks about being positive and how the moment we believe in ourselves we are able to do the impossible.  I really loved the book and I felt it was pretty practical too.

To inculcate the reading habit one of the business unit at CI has implemented the program ‘Read the Book. Share the Knowledge’. Every week each person from the business unit reads a particular chapter from the book and shares the significant information with others. While some people may say that we are forcing people to read, we have definitely noticed a positive change. Teams have started implementing what they are reading. Though it is a small change, it is definitely a significant change.

Does your organization have something like this? If yes please share it so that we can all take advantage of such best practices.


GreenIT is about both economics and ecology. Companies are increasingly adopting GreenIT initiatives as part of their increasing their operational efficiency which thereby becomes part of their Corporate Social Responsibility activities also.

At CI, we have been implementing GreenIT initiatives for a couple of years on a small scale. Though the initiatives required a higher initial investment cost we are able to realize the benefits now. Some of the GreenIT initiatives at CI are:

  1. Procurement – Power consumption is always one of the key deciding factor before buying desktops.
  2. End User Management – There is a Clear Desktop Policy for power management of the desktops. CIians have a formal communication program to make them understand the need to shut down their computers at the end of the day.
  3. eWaste Management – Even now we use the desktops that we procured in 1999. We use them as part of our lab environment.
  4. Building Construction – When the delivery center was being built, environment friendly raw materials were used for construction. Solar lamps are being used for extenal illumination for the building.

We have come to realize that GreenIT does not end with implementation. It is all about Going Green, Being Green, Staying Green.