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Facebook has become one of the most popular social networking sites. Most of the users use Facebook applications. How do the applications work? Apps on Facebook are web apps that are loaded in context of Facebook Canvas Page. A canvas page is a blank page within Facebook on which the app is run. Facebook applications are called from the developer’s production environment when the URL is called. The URL of the application is registered in Facebook. When the URL is called, Facebook directs the request to the developer’s server. The application processes the request, communicates with Facebook using Facebook API or Facebook Query Language (FQL). The following are the major components involved in Facebook app creation:

Facebook Canvas Page: Apps are loaded into canvas page. A canvas URL containing HTML, JS and CSS is used to populate the canvas page. When a user requests the canvas page the canvas URL is loaded in an iframe.

Social Channels: The advantage of Facebook Platform is the potential to reach millions of Facebook users. Social channels include bookmarks, notifications, news feed stories and search. Social channels enable new users to discover new apps and allow existing users to re-engage with existing users.

Analytics: Insights regarding app usage helps companies in understanding the interaction between the user and the app. Feedback for stream stories, referral traffic to app, user actions vs active user count, user demographics, permission related information are tracked. Diagnostics for apps are also provided to track API errors, access allocations and throttling information.

Source:, Building Facebook Applications for Dummies book.

Twitter is one hot topic in the recent times. Everywhere people  (and organizations) are trying out twitter. I started twittering a few months back and I caught some really good friends. I started using twitter as a forum. That is when I decided that I should create a twitter account for CI. It has been quite a few months and I should say that I have got a set of decent followers (No. I did not use any ‘Increase your Follower’ count software).

So what is Twitter?

I would say that Twitter is a personalized RSS feed where people and organizations can publish information for others to pick up. It is another source of traffic for your website or blog. You don’t have to know the person you follow or the person who follows you. You follow people because their content is relevant to you.

Does it really benefit you?

As a starter, it definitely does send traffic to your website and blog. Beyond that I have been able to understand a prospective client. Use it a forum and you do get relevant answers from not just your followers but other people too. We are trying to improve our product customer management. Companies like ComScore, Comcast, Southwest Airlines, Network Solutions and Verizon are all companies that use Twitter to improve their customer and reputation management.

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A few days back, we decided to re-design our corporate content to give a fresh look. I had a basic design in mind but I wanted some additional inputs from design / printing experts. I posted my question in LinkedIn and within a period of 24 hours I had got answers from over 11 experts which would not have been normally possible.

LinkedIn is a great business tool. Here are some of the features that I have found useful:

  • I regularly use LinkedIn’s advanced search feature to gather information and many of my question’s have been answered this way. From a business development perspective I get a chance to do my homework on business prospects.
  • Ability to add Blog Post to your Profile Page. I regularly get hits for this blog from LinkedIn
  • Ability to expand your network through your friends
  • Ability to connect with people with whom you would have worked previously or gone to school with etc.
  • Ability to keep track of your connections with the help of their status updates and profile updates
  • Ability to find related groups and share knowledge

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