With all the hype and information surrounding cloud, the decision to switch over to the cloud can lead anyone’s mind spinning. The move from a desktop based product to a SaaS based business model requires a specialized provider. This post lists the most important factors that ISV’s should look into before engaging with a service provider.

Business: Assess the business drivers behind considering cloud adoption like moving to a newer business model. If there is no immediate competition then the need to migrate may not be necessary. But if moving to the cloud helps lower the operational expenditure then migration would make sense.

Risk: Switching to the cloud completely changes the business model. What was once a license based business model would become a subscription based business model. Customer service becomes key in success of the product as the switching costs for the customer become very low. Risks in terms of frequent product releases, availability, security become pertinent.

While technology is relevant it may not necessarily be as important as the business and risk factors. Compatibility in terms of infrastructure and application platform helps narrow down the choice in choosing the appropriate technology.

Reference: cloudtweaks.com