The technology market is buzzing with news about Windows 8 after Microsoft showcased it in the recently held developer conference. It sure looks promising. But what would motivate a user/company to upgrade to Windows 8 if they have recently invested in Windows 7.

  • UI experience: Windows 8 has embraced Metro language to the core. It is similar to the Windows Phone 7 interface. In Windows 8, live tiles are used to display the required information from the start. It is almost like the gadgets that are displayed in desktop sidebar. Tiles are user interface elements replacing icons. They can be pinned/unpinned in the Start Screen. Windows 8 Metro will be powered by IE 10. The Metro interface is powered by Trident rendering engine and Chakra JavaScript engine from IE 10. Three instances of IE10 will be running: Metro and apps, Metro style IE 10 and desktop IE 10.
  • Faster boot: This is going to enable the computer to launch the screen within seconds of pushing the power button.
  • Windows Explorer: In Windows 8, user can copy, move, rename and delete files especially large groups of large files faster and with better control. Multiple conflicts can be seen in a single box. Menu and toolbars have been replaced in ribbon layouts. Contextual tabs help the user in finding the tools based on the task being performed.
  • Multitasking: Although multiple applications may be running simultaneously only those displayed on the screen should draw power. The rest are in freeze-dried state not drawing any processing power unless they are made active again.
  • Task Manager: The task manager is redesigned to provide more insight on the processing power and the power used by the apps.
  • Windows Store: Metro apps will be made available only through Windows Store. The store is similar to Mac App Store.
  • Anti-Virus: Windows Defender would be an anti-virus suite. It will be automatically turned off on installing other anti-virus software.

These are some basic features which I found interesting after reading through different features of Windows 8. Windows 8 is supposedly going to work well with touchscreen as well mouse and keyboard. The features are leaning towards touch enabled computers mainly. To learn about Windows 8 features terminology you can click here. References for this post have been taken from

~ Ramya