Product testing and application testing seem similar. There is not much of a difference in terms of the skill set required by the tester. But in the case of product testing, the criteria and the testing methodologies are different. When we think of product testing it focuses more on thinking like an end user and testing the product. So the focus is on computability, usability, stress and regression testing with the frequent product releases.

The quality assurance team is an integral part of product quality. I was talking to some of my friends in Quality Assurance. One of them said that: While most of the testers are equipped with knowledge about creating test plans, test environment, execution of the test plans and test result status, the drive is now towards focusing on user acceptance testing, testing software controls & the adequacy of security procedures, testing new technologies and testing software products developed by other organizations, which I felt in a way was true. Considering the fact that there is cut throat competition in the market for software products, these factors would make a huge difference on the product quality in the long run.

At CI, we completed certification of the quality assurance team this month.

Well!!! Create Value –> Deliver Value